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Re: gcc version?

On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 10:49:52AM -0600, Stephen D Reindl wrote:
> Sheesh. I understand the venom. But here's a guy who made a choice and
> wants help. Can't we be better than nVidia.

I wish I could help, but I can't.

> I realize that if they don't provide the specs OSS can't work.

People are writing drivers anyway, and apparently the free NVidia
drivers are to the point where you can play Quake (which version I
don't know), but with the non-free drivers out there, it's hard to get
anyone interested in coding or testing a free driver.

> Do I not understand the concept of User Group?

We're only human.

BTW, I know I was a little harsh in my first mail, but I was hoping
Rich knows me well enough to take it the right way.

> Send the shit back to the factory for a refund with the reason why.
> Then buy something else.

That's really the only option if NVidia won't provide support, and by
all accounts they don't.

Oh, and if you want constructive, how's this...  The Radeon 8500 is
still a damn nice card.  The free drivers are coming along quite
nicely, and ATI also provides a non-free driver for anyone who doesn't
want to wait.  Because ATI recently came out with new cards, prices
have dropped considerably on the 8500s.  Checking PriceWatch, they
seem to be less than $100.

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