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Re: gcc version?

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Steven Pritchard wrote:

> BTW, I know I was a little harsh in my first mail, but I was hoping Rich
> knows me well enough to take it the right way.

	He does, and he did.

	I understand the frustration, and I empathize, however the
motherboard/RAM was free, and my parents need a new machine but they can't
afford more than $250.  Mom wants to try Linux and Gimp, and I want to get
her away from being dependant on Windows.

	As it stands, I rolled back to 7.3, and the drivers for the
network card and audio work (for n values of work), now I'm stuck on the
onboard video (GeForce 2 MX).  Locks up the machine whenever I start X.  
May break down and get a decent PCI video card.

	     Richard H. Fifarek	       		rfifarek@silug.org

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