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Re: gcc version?

Sheesh. I understand the venom. But here's a guy who made a choice and
wants help. Can't we be better than nVidia. I realize that if they don't
provide the specs OSS can't work. Do I not understand the concept of
User Group?


Sorry Rich I'm too stupid to provide an answer. Send the shit back to
the factory for a refund with the reason why. Then buy something else.

On Mon, 2002-10-07 at 18:55, mike808@users.sourceforge.net wrote:
> Sean wrote:
> > This is going to be a problem until Nvidia does something to keep all
> > parties happy.  Right now they're only keeping themselves happy.  And lets
> > face it, they don't have much to lose.
> Especially since Richard sounds like he's willing to put up with all kinds
> of this sort of abuse from this hardware vendor. They're not worried about
> losing him as a customer, so they're not going to do anything about it.
> You see, they know he's already bought their crap if he's looking for drivers.
> > Really, your hands are tied until Nvidia pull their heads out of their
> > arse.  Until then compile your kernel with an older version of GCC or use
> > RH7.3 
> Or, as Steve said, quit pounding your head against the wall, and go out and
> buy some equivalent hardware that *is* supported by your other software 
> (specifically the OS you use). Junk that nVidia crap on eBay to some
> XP-me-no-thinky-me-clicky-clicky-all-day-long braindead user and at least
> get some of your money back if nVidia won't give you a full refund.
> Richard Fifarek wrote:
> > Gee, thanks.
> Steven Pritchard wrote:
> > Replace the NVidia crap with something from a vendor that supports (or
> > at least doesn't agressively undermine) open source software.
> Richard Fifarek wrote:
> > 	Any thoughts/suggestions?
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