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Re: gcc version?

Sean wrote:
> This is going to be a problem until Nvidia does something to keep all
> parties happy.  Right now they're only keeping themselves happy.  And lets
> face it, they don't have much to lose.

Especially since Richard sounds like he's willing to put up with all kinds
of this sort of abuse from this hardware vendor. They're not worried about
losing him as a customer, so they're not going to do anything about it.
You see, they know he's already bought their crap if he's looking for drivers.
> Really, your hands are tied until Nvidia pull their heads out of their
> arse.  Until then compile your kernel with an older version of GCC or use
> RH7.3 

Or, as Steve said, quit pounding your head against the wall, and go out and
buy some equivalent hardware that *is* supported by your other software 
(specifically the OS you use). Junk that nVidia crap on eBay to some
XP-me-no-thinky-me-clicky-clicky-all-day-long braindead user and at least
get some of your money back if nVidia won't give you a full refund.

Richard Fifarek wrote:
> Gee, thanks.

Steven Pritchard wrote:
> Replace the NVidia crap with something from a vendor that supports (or
> at least doesn't agressively undermine) open source software.

Richard Fifarek wrote:
> 	Any thoughts/suggestions?


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