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With the rumors of M$ moving to a subscription based system, etc, I have
decided to take up the task of moving completely to a Linux desktop.  This
is something I probably should have done long ago.  Now, aside from teh
occasional NES/Atari/etc emulator, the only game I really play is Quake 2.
I've had Quake2 running under Linux many times, but it was always part of
the distro, and I never did any configuring short of configuring my
keyboard and video for it.  So, on this new system I'm building up, I've
installed it from RPM and tar.gz binaries, and it always gives me the same
damned error:

koree@linux:~ > quake2
couldn't exec default.cfg
couldn't exec config.cfg
Console initialized.

------- sound initialization -------
sound sampling rate: 11025
------- Loading ref_softx.so -------
recursive shutdown
Error: Couldn't load pics/colormap.pcx

Now, my first thought is that what I dl'd just wasn't a full version.  So,
I start digging through my Windows copies of the game, (including the
installed one that works on my Windows partition) and I cannot find a pics
dir, or even a colormap.pcx file!?  So, WTF is this thing talking about?
For those of you that have done this many times, don't laugh too hard.
This is my final hurdle.  I can burn CDs, listen to mp3s, make mp3s, play
my emulators, etc.  And for buiness applications, I can use stuff out
there for Linux natively, or fire up VMware to use MS Word occasionally.
If only I could get Quake 2 working.....and I'm not going to play Quake in
a VM.  It burns my arse to have to use software in a VM if its available
natively.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



Koree A. Smith  | Ameth Technologies
koree@koree.net | koree@ameth.org

Nous pensons que Linux représente à terme une menace pour Windows.

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