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Re: Firewalls, IP Masq'ing, etc

KoReE said:
> I think I figured this out.  I loaded the ip_masq_*.o modules from
> /lib/modules/2.2.14/ipv4, and it seems to be working.  Now, what I'm
> wondering is, am I going to have to do this for everything that works in a
> similar fashion to FTP?  ICQ, Jabber, etc?

    for file in $( cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ipv4 \
                   && echo ip_masq_*.o | sed 's/\.o\>//g' ) ; do
        modprobe $file

That should catch everything.

> Of course, this is all kind of
> moot, considering I should probably be playing with 2.4's firewalling
> instead.

Probably.  Come to the Carbondale meeting tomorrow (3/5) for more on
that.  :-)

> Anyone have a cookbook of stuff to remember when installing 2.4?
> I have yet to find a list of all the little things I'm going to need to
> upgrade to use 2.4.

See Documentation/Changes in the kernel source tree.  On a recent
distribution, you should be able to just upgrade modutils (which you
need to do for 2.2.19 anyway) and install iptables (for the
firewalling stuff).  Most other stuff should work well enough.

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