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Re: quake2

Looks like you need to copy the contents of the CD-rom to your 
drive... At least thats how I did it.. Also you have to run a shell 
script that will rename all the files lower case so Linux can use 

Hope that helps..

>With the rumors of M$ moving to a subscription based system, etc, I have
>decided to take up the task of moving completely to a Linux desktop.  This
>is something I probably should have done long ago.  Now, aside from teh
>occasional NES/Atari/etc emulator, the only game I really play is Quake 2.
>I've had Quake2 running under Linux many times, but it was always part of
>the distro, and I never did any configuring short of configuring my
>keyboard and video for it.  So, on this new system I'm building up, I've
>installed it from RPM and tar.gz binaries, and it always gives me the same
>damned error:
>koree@linux:~ > quake2
>couldn't exec default.cfg
>couldn't exec config.cfg
>Console initialized.
>------- sound initialization -------
>sound sampling rate: 11025
>------- Loading ref_softx.so -------
>recursive shutdown
>Error: Couldn't load pics/colormap.pcx
>Now, my first thought is that what I dl'd just wasn't a full version.  So,
>I start digging through my Windows copies of the game, (including the
>installed one that works on my Windows partition) and I cannot find a pics
>dir, or even a colormap.pcx file!?  So, WTF is this thing talking about?
>For those of you that have done this many times, don't laugh too hard.
>This is my final hurdle.  I can burn CDs, listen to mp3s, make mp3s, play
>my emulators, etc.  And for buiness applications, I can use stuff out
>there for Linux natively, or fire up VMware to use MS Word occasionally.
>If only I could get Quake 2 working.....and I'm not going to play Quake in
>a VM.  It burns my arse to have to use software in a VM if its available
>natively.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
>Koree A. Smith  | Ameth Technologies
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>Nous pensons que Linux représente à terme une menace pour Windows.
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