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Networking question

I just had my URL changed from bruneworld.tzo.com to bruneworld.com.  I
like it better!

I reloaded RH 8.0 from scratch because I didn't know how to change the
name of my machine.  No biggie.

Question:  What does this message mean?  (in /var/log/messages)

Dec 18 07:46:04 bruneworld xinetd[12912]: warning: /etc/hosts.allow,
line 12: host name/name mismatch: bruneworld.com !=

Huh?  Line 12 of /etc/hosts.allow turns on access for imap (since I
sometimes use SquirrelMail) and is:

imapd: 192.168.*,, bruneworld.com

I wouldn't have thought that losing the ".tzo" part of my domain name
would mess me up.  8-(


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