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Re: Networking question

On 18 Dec 2002 08:03:47 -0600
 Charlie Brune <silug@bruneworld.com> wrote:
>Question:  What does this message mean?  (in /var/log/messages)
>Dec 18 07:46:04 bruneworld xinetd[12912]: warning: /etc/hosts.allow,
>line 12: host name/name mismatch: bruneworld.com !=

My guess is that your "real" IP name is commons...charter-stl.com, and the
system in saying, "Hey, you haven't allowed yourself access to your server!".

nslookup commons10k1.mo24.107.34.126.charter-stl.com

and see if it matches

If so, change this line:
imapd: 192.168.*,, bruneworld.com

to this:
imapd: 192.168.*,, bruneworld.com,



William Underwood

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