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Re: Old Motherboard


Sad to say, but this is one of those lessons you've just learned the
hard way. The ATX specification calls for full power to be applied
throughout most of the motherboard at all times -- even when the power
switch is turned "off". This is how Wake-On-Ring and Wake-On-LAN are
supportable. An ATX motherboard is always HOT unless and until you
unplug the power cord. Either the screwdriver or the screw touched
voltage and shorted it to ground. Chances are very good that you toasted
an on-board voltage regulator.

If Steve doesn't have a motherboard for you, try Computer Renaissance in
Fairview Heights.

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL

On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 20:56, John Bell wrote:
> I don't think its a power supply problem, although I did put another ps
> on the mb to rule out the power supply.  The story is, I open the case
> (the power was off) to install a nic card.  I was unscrewing on the the
> back panel covers and all of a sudden the little green led on the mb
> turned on and I smelled that distinct electrical smoke odor.  Then I
> uttered a bunch of colorful metaphores.  Pulled all the cards out, still
> nothing, not even a damn beep.  

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