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Re: Old Motherboard

I don't think its a power supply problem, although I did put another ps
on the mb to rule out the power supply.  The story is, I open the case
(the power was off) to install a nic card.  I was unscrewing on the the
back panel covers and all of a sudden the little green led on the mb
turned on and I smelled that distinct electrical smoke odor.  Then I
uttered a bunch of colorful metaphores.  Pulled all the cards out, still
nothing, not even a damn beep.  

Thanks anyway.

Steve P.,

Maybe you can set me up with an inexpensive mb/cpu/memory combo?



On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 20:01, Mike Connor wrote:
> You ought to check your power supply in case it's the reason you lost your 
> last MB.  (Just get a digital voltmeter and make sure the output voltages 
> are correct.)

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