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Re: Old Motherboard

> I don't think its a power supply problem, 

Nope. Definitely operator problem. :=)

> The story is, I open the case (the power was off) to install a nic card.
> I was unscrewing on the the back panel covers and all of a sudden the little 
> green led on the mb turned on and I smelled that distinct electrical smoke odor. 

So, the electricity jumped out of the socket, flew through the air and lit up
that mobo like christmas, eh?

You think a switch ever shorted out? I bet you do now.

When performing hardware surgery, "the power was off" means "there is no power 
cord". Period. Accept NO substitutes.

But, at least you turned off your computer before sticking another card in it.
Or did you? Or did you *think* you turned it off? Or did you turn off the 
monitor, thinking that it and the computer are the same thing? All I'm saying 
is that if you're holding the plug in your hands, it can't be connected to 
the wall. I've met people that think the monitor is the computer. I myself
have sworn and checked and double checked the power to a circuit, and I still
missed something (typically checking the *wrong cord*).

I love the smell of "magic smoke" in the morning.

You got ripped off. My computer only smokes after sex. :=)


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