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Re: October "Meeting"

Quoting William Underwood <wllmundrwd@charter.net>:

> Hmmm... no Cards games scheduled as of yet, and no such thing as
> Thursday Night Football, so what did you have in mind?  Maybe we can get
> hold of a tape of Bill Gates' ".NET Vision" speech, and play it
> side-by-side with The Holy Grail, followed up by a vote on which one was
> funnier?

I definitely won't be there.  Unless someone does happen to bring a copy of The
Holy Grail.  That movie kicks ass!

> Yours, or ours?  Wired, or wireless?  I've been dying to try out my
> 802.11b card, which I've had for at least 6 months, with not a single
> test... :-(

Ours.  As in not yours.  You can bring yours if you want, but you'd most likely
have to sit next to a set of ports.  I can bring out an old hub wired for
10Mbit, but I doubt anyone will want that ;)

> > a scared little dog 
> That's not really what your wife calls you, is it? :-)

I'll explain.  We have this neurotic little mutt named Maximus (Max for short),
and he's rather skittish around company or people whom he doesn't know;
therefore, HE is the scared little dog.

I didn't get the joke.  I don't think there was one.  There we go.

> > and the
> > fabled halfling (I suggest we duct tape him to his desk chair and hold a
> > lottery to see who gets to pluck his chest hair).
> So, I guess that would be a one-shot deal? ;->

Ey.  If you can figure out the half-life of Polonium and tell me what it
decomposes to, knock yourself out.  Keep in mind, though, that you'll have to
compete against a random number generator...

> Awww... Nate still plays with packing boxes and stuffed animals!  That
> is so-oooo-ooo cute!

Stop it, you!  Before I have morbid thoughts again...

I still play with boxes, yes, but not /those/ kinds of boxes.  Heh.  I'm
thinking you can figure out what I mean.

As for the stuffed animals, uhm, I don't know how the hell they got there.  Oh!
 Wait!  The dog!  Yes!  The dog likes to play with the monkeys and gorillas. 
It's funny as hell when he does, too.

Nate Reindl, The Fabled Halfling.

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