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October "Meeting"

OK. Here it is. Thursday, October 10, 2002 my house. I figure getting
things started around 6 pm will work. I will supply soda (requests?),
beer (bud, bud light and Sam Adams) snacks (chips and dip, cheese and
crackers) and some really cool little edible penguins. Eat dinner before
you come. 

Real impromptu stuff. Chairs, TV, puters, a scared little dog and the
fabled halfling (I suggest we duct tape him to his desk chair and hold a
lottery to see who gets to pluck his chest hair).

I live right on Highway 50 in O'Fallon. If you've been to the library,
you can find my house. The intersection of 50 and Lincoln (Bank of
O'Fallon SW corner, Valvoline NW corner, Amoco NE corner) is about 3 or
4 blocks west of my house. From that intersection head east (toward
Lebanon) on 50. On the right you'll pass Pizza Hut, Union Planters Bank
and (pay attention here) the Knights of Columbus Hall. I live
immediately next to the K of C Hall. White brick house on the corner.
Make the right on to Southview drive and park somewhere along the curb.
If there are a blue Dakota and a green LeBaron Conv. in the driveway
park there. 

RSVP please. Before Thursday.

See you here


Oh yeah. We're still not totally organized here so if you trip over a
box or a stuffed gorilla it's not my fault. Bare feet is not
recommended. K & S - my house is definitely not child proof. Maybe we
can duct tape Emma to Nate. hmmmmmmmmm.

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