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Re: October "Meeting"

Stephen D Reindl wrote:

>OK. Here it is. Thursday, October 10, 2002
> TV, 
Hmmm... no Cards games scheduled as of yet, and no such thing as
Thursday Night Football, so what did you have in mind?  Maybe we can get
hold of a tape of Bill Gates' ".NET Vision" speech, and play it
side-by-side with The Holy Grail, followed up by a vote on which one was

> puters, 
Yours, or ours?  Wired, or wireless?  I've been dying to try out my
802.11b card, which I've had for at least 6 months, with not a single
test... :-(

> a scared little dog 
That's not really what your wife calls you, is it? :-)

> and the
> fabled halfling (I suggest we duct tape him to his desk chair and hold a
> lottery to see who gets to pluck his chest hair).
So, I guess that would be a one-shot deal? ;->

> I live right on Highway 50 in O'Fallon. If you've been to the library,
> park there.
Seems easy enough...

> RSVP please. Before Thursday.
I'll have to check with my master -err, I mean my wife- (of course!)
before I can say. 

> Oh yeah. We're still not totally organized here so if you trip over a
> box or a stuffed gorilla it's not my fault. 
Awww... Nate still plays with packing boxes and stuffed animals!  That
is so-oooo-ooo cute!

Thanks for the invite,

William Underwood

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