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Re: Downgrading KMyMoney4 to KMyMoney2

On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 07:31:36PM -0600, fbceachday wrote:
> When I merrily upgraded to Fedora 14, the 'all accounts' qxf file
> from my bank no longer is in the proper format.  I get an error
> saying it's in binary form and I should install the .8 version of
> KMyMoney.  I was running the .9 version or KMyMoney2, so I think it
> would work again. Not quite sure how to do that magic.  I know how
> to remove programs, but the earlier version of KMyMoney isn't
> available in the Fedora 14 repos.

There are a few possible ways to accomplish that, but would it be
possible to fire up an older live CD, import your data file, export it
into something the current version can handle, and be done with it?

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