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wireless in the house ...

Hello all,

My wireless access at home is finally working properly ... no thanks to my efforts.

I purchased one of the Lucent kits that Mike808 coordinated through the St. Louis Wireless Users Group.  Mike's advice helped to get the kit working with my MS Windows (TM) box, but when I tried the pcmcia card in my Red Hat 7.2 laptop, nothing ...

Turns out that Red Hat was not recognizing my card as an Orinoco or Lucent card and my efforts to "fix" my problem made things much worse.

In the end, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth ... Steve Pritchard fixed the problem for me. 

This was especially decent of Steve given his consulting business sells this kind of equipment and I didn't purchase it from him.  It's gotta be hard to make a living with all your friends asking for advice ... Thanks Steve.

If anyone who has one of these kits wants the gory details, I'll be glad to pass along my experiences.


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