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Re: MySQL under heavy load

On Saturday, February 2, 2002, at 11:59 PM, Mike808 wrote:
 >> Can you setup a testbench and replicate the problem independent of your
 >> data and queries (i.e. with made-up dummy queries) and hammer it to cough
 >> up a panic on cue?

It's kinda hard to replicate something that doesn't have a pattern 8-)

Here's my latest plan:

fyi: Machine has 4 - 10,000rpm SCSI drives

Take out the RAID card.
Mount the 4 drives in this format:

1: / & swap
2: /var - for log writting
3: /data - mysql data drive for program files & databases
4: /tmp - for mysql join tables & temp files

Anyone have a better config for testing?

Dav Glass

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