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Re: wireless in the house ...

"James L. Burke" wrote:
> My wireless access at home is finally working properly 

Good job!

> Steve Pritchard fixed the problem for me. ... decent of Steve ...

Thanks Steve. I guess we're even for the Apex mods. Let me know when you
want to step up to a Flash mod. P.S. I also have some (old-style) PS1
stealth chips for those interested.

> It's gotta be hard to make a living with all your friends asking for advice 

But Steve likes being 'clustered' amongst friends. :)

> If anyone who has one of these kits wants the gory details, I'll be glad to pass along my experiences.

Could you send them along to the stlwireless list?

I tried to use the Java-based AirPort configurator to work, but no luck.
I could ping it, but no access. I'm trying really hard to NOT use
any MickeySoft config tools. It's really lame that Avaya only offered
a *Java-based* configurator using *Microsoft .cab* files and a Mickeysoft
setup.exe. Anyone want to give odds they used J++ with MS-only extensions?
So much for choosing Java "for its portability". Ack!

I'm going to try ripping the cab's and rebuilding them as jar's and
see if that helps.

As a a last resort I may try to see if it will install under WINE.
But it is encouraging to hear progress from folks.

I did find out that the DHCP server on the RG will assign them on both
the wireless side *and* the network side.

Also, to John and Jim - did you setup your RG in Bridge mode or with
NAT and/or DHCP?

perl -le "$_='7284254074:0930970:H4012816';tr[0->][ BOPEN!SMUT];print"

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