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Re: Linux Routing Problem

Reboot fixes it.  Yup.  I'll look at the updated driver.


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On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Sean /The RIMBoy/ wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, KoReE wrote:
> > They're Kingston KNE110TX cards (DEC Tuplip Chipset).  I've thought of
> > hardware failure, but am wondering why the card still seems functional
> > (from ifconfig's info, anyway) and can be pinged when the situation
> > arises.  The link light is also on, and still seems to be flickering with
> > data when this happens.  *shrug*  I may try swapping NICs.
> Bing bing bing, we have a winner!  Damn, why did I have a sneaking
> suspecion you had the kingston's?  
> Long story short (it was recounted by my boss after we had the same card
> do this).  There is a bug in the Tulip driver with the Kingston cards (or
> is it the other way around?!).  Anyway, supposedly Becker has an updated
> driver to get around the problem.  www.scyld.com is probably a good
> starting point.  
> Hopefully this helps.  In our case it just horked and we had to reboot the
> system.  You're probably not doing wacky stuff like nfs and that is why it
> is not puking as bad as ours did the other day.
> Sean...
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