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Re: Linux Routing Problem

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, KoReE wrote:

> They're Kingston KNE110TX cards (DEC Tuplip Chipset).  I've thought of
> hardware failure, but am wondering why the card still seems functional
> (from ifconfig's info, anyway) and can be pinged when the situation
> arises.  The link light is also on, and still seems to be flickering with
> data when this happens.  *shrug*  I may try swapping NICs.

Bing bing bing, we have a winner!  Damn, why did I have a sneaking
suspecion you had the kingston's?  

Long story short (it was recounted by my boss after we had the same card
do this).  There is a bug in the Tulip driver with the Kingston cards (or
is it the other way around?!).  Anyway, supposedly Becker has an updated
driver to get around the problem.  www.scyld.com is probably a good
starting point.  

Hopefully this helps.  In our case it just horked and we had to reboot the
system.  You're probably not doing wacky stuff like nfs and that is why it
is not puking as bad as ours did the other day.


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