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BIND, Sendmail, and/or Majordomo problems

  I'm having some problems related to email. It looks as though sendmail
(8.8.7) is expanding our addresses incorrectly, and may have done so since
I upgraded BIND to 8.2.3 in response to the well-publicized security
problems in January. The symptom particularly shows up in our
majordomo-based email lists. These appear to come from
list-owner@museum.museum.state.il.us rather than
list-owner@museum.state.il.us, and some (properly configured) mail servers
reject this as potential spam. This expansion does not always occur in
individual emails like this one I'm sending out right now, but if you look
at the full headers you may see that my server is listed as
museum.museum.state.il.us, rather than as an address which really exists.

  Has anyone worked enough with BIND/Sendmail to know if this is a known
problem with the versions I'm using? Is this something that is likely to
be fixed by upgrading to sendmail 8.11.3?


Erich Schroeder                    Phone: (217)785-0033
Curator, Information Technologies  FAX:   (217)785-2857
Illinois State Museum GIS Lab      email: erich (at) museum.state.il.us

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