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MyThTV with Slave Backend

Just wanted to share my latest update for my Mythbox setup. My main
Mythbox has an ASROCK mainboard with an AMD BE2350 CPU I got from Steve
Pritchard. I use a One-For-All URC-8820N remote for all my components
and a Home Electronics Tira-2 USB IR receiver.

I finally got around to adding a slave backend to my system to add more
tuners (that's the tower). For the slave backend I use a case I got
from Steve and an old Abit BP6 motherboard (used to be at least a $600
board, luckily found for $45 on eBay). If you remember, the BP6 was one
of the first MBs that could do symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) with two
Celeron CPUs and was the favored MB for servers running Windows 2000
Server and NT Server back in the day.

So, BP6 was (as you know) the grandfather of dual core CPUs. I put two
heat sinks to limit noise and things that could eventually fail. I
slapped a dual tuner Hauppauge PVR card in it and pointed it to my main
Mythbox backend.

I now have four tuners total (2 in the main backend; 2 in the slave
backend) and have additional CPU help for transcoding and commercial
detection. The slave backend sits in the basement in my patch panel
closet and I essentially SSH into it if I need to update/upgrade it.

Cheers, Al Lopez

Check out the pics:

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