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Ultra-secure Linux distro from DoD

Looking for an absolutely secure OS distribution? So am I. Until one
arrives, the Lightweight Portable Security distribution from the Air
Force Research Laboratory's Software Protection Initiative may be the
best there is.

There are two versions, one with and one without the OpenOffice suite &
Adobe Reader. Both are designed to run from a bootable USB stick or from
a CD. Neither requires (or supports) installation on a hard drive.
Neither requires root privileges. Nothing is written to the USB stick or
CD (duh!). There's no patching; updates are published at least

The best validation of its security for DoD users is its certification
on June 11, 2011 by AFNIC. With a USB smartcard reader, it is certified
for use on the unclassified NIPR network with a CAC-authenticated logon.

For more info and downloads, see http://spi.dod.mil/lipose.htm


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