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F12 is coming

For the past couple of months I've been actively involved with the alpha
and beta releases of Fedora 12. I've downloaded and installed both
32-bit and 64-bit versions on two laptops, and have camped on the
fedora-test-list watching developers and testers find and fix bugs. I've
even had a chance to find a few myself, and I'm happy to say I've
actually been able to provide information that has helped get them

If you get a chance to do this there are two things you will probably
notice almost immediately. First is the global nature of the group. The
second is the expertise of the developers and the speed at which they
find and fix the bugs being found. That's really impressive since the
total number of packages that will be available in Fedora 12 exceeds
5,000. The logistics of this new release must be truly staggering.

Release candidates are being assembled now, and if everything continues
on schedule the general availability release of Fedora 12 will be
November 17th, which is the Tuesday before our next Saturday meeting.

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