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Re: Fedora Core 5 install via hard drive

On Sun, 2006-05-14 at 16:05 -0500, hugh rhodes wrote:
> hi there ... i've been learning / researching how to install over a
> hard drive installation.  i think i have it ... but the last time i
> tried this it did not allow me to actually install from the image.  i
> was wondering if i did it right.
> i'm booting with a CD-ROM boot image of FC5.
> i tell it to boot from the /dev/sda1 disk, and tell it the path of the
> file is one of the following:
> *  /misc/pub/linux/OS/heidelberg-i386-DVD
> *  /misc/pub/linux/OS/heidelberg-i386-DVD/heidelberg-i386-DVD.iso
> *  /misc/pub/linux/OS/FC5      (where all the files reside uncomperssed).
> none of these methods worked last time ... not sure if it were a fluke
> or user error.  would i be correct in assuming that when i click on
> the /dev/sda1 option, and start typing the path in the blank, that the
> 'root' folder of the drive would be the first folder?  there are
> several, but the image resides in
> [/misc/pub/linux/OS/heidelberg-i386-DVD] for the ISO image.  Is there
> a different image i should be installing from (or file)?
> i know we've discussed this before, however, i'm still having troubles.


Let's assume the hard drive with your ISO images is /dev/sda and that
they are on the /dev/sda1 partition. Specifically they're in
the /misc/pub/linux/OS/ directory.

The anaconda installer will work equally well from the single DVD image
or from the five binary CD images. Give it the full path to the
directory containing either the DVD image or the CD images (assuming
they're different). It is NOT necessary to extract files from the ISO
images. Anaconda will recognize and work with them directly:

DVD image:

CD images:

If you've renamed the FC5 ISO images, I'd recommend changing them back
to their original as-posted names:

        FC-5-i386-disc[1..5].iso and FC5-5-i386-DVD.iso

Before you begin installation, be sure that your images pass the sha1sum
checksum test:

        $ sha1sum -c SHA1SUM

There were problems with anaconda in the FC5 test releases that kept the
hard drive installation method from working. This was fixed before the
final release.


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