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Fedora Core 5 install via hard drive

hi there ... i've been learning / researching how to install over a
hard drive installation.  i think i have it ... but the last time i
tried this it did not allow me to actually install from the image.  i
was wondering if i did it right.

i'm booting with a CD-ROM boot image of FC5.
i tell it to boot from the /dev/sda1 disk, and tell it the path of the
file is one of the following:
*  /misc/pub/linux/OS/heidelberg-i386-DVD
*  /misc/pub/linux/OS/heidelberg-i386-DVD/heidelberg-i386-DVD.iso
*  /misc/pub/linux/OS/FC5      (where all the files reside uncomperssed).

none of these methods worked last time ... not sure if it were a fluke
or user error.  would i be correct in assuming that when i click on
the /dev/sda1 option, and start typing the path in the blank, that the
'root' folder of the drive would be the first folder?  there are
several, but the image resides in
[/misc/pub/linux/OS/heidelberg-i386-DVD] for the ISO image.  Is there
a different image i should be installing from (or file)?

i know we've discussed this before, however, i'm still having troubles.

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