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Re: grub + lvm -- LDM (not LVM)

On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 07:21, Casey Boone wrote:
> i go off searching for a discussion about grub supporting lvm and look
> at what i find:
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/grub-devel/2004-05/msg00041.html
> a post by our very own mr bryan smith :)

I'm all over the place, unfortunately for many people.

> i am honestly suprised by the lack of lvm support in lilo and grub,
> both seem to require a "normal" partition in order to function.

Er, that post is on NT5+ LDM (Logical Disk Manager) not LVM
(Linux/Logical Volume Manager).  

> i personally would like to have my entire hda as an lvm physical
> volume rather than hda1 or hda2.  i suppose that there isnt much of a
> disk space difference, but it is my understanding that ppc linux
> distros can use hda as the pv and still boot.
> oh well, add another to the wish list

GRUB _should_ work with LVM/LVM2.

LILO basically works with anything, because it just blindly and
statically boots a specific address.

Bryan J. Smith                                 b.j.smith@ieee.org 
Assumptions of the Fedora Project based on Red Hat Linux is like
assumptions of the Debian Project based on using old Corel Linux.

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