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fc3 + vfat/fat32

has anyone else encountered odd behavior with vfat mounted fat32
partitions under fc3?

df seems to have no real idea of the amount of used nor free space on
one of my hard drives.  windows sees everything just peachy.  on this
one drive it always reports a negative number for freespace and around
400megs used (even though it is closer to 6 gigs used on a 10 gig

this was happening under fc2 as well, although not as extreme, usually
the drive would slowly loose space as i added and deleted files.  the
space would show as lost even if i umounted then mounted back.  if i
loaded the drive in windows and then back to linux then it would show
the right amount of freespace again.

since i dont have a windows install anymore this isnt much of an
issue, it has never screwed up on any of the usb thumb drives i own so
that much is ok.  it still is something i would like to know what is
causing, i cant imagine the vfat fs driver being that buggy, but it
was doing it with all my systems for both external hard drives i have,
be they hooked up through firewire or usb.


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