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Re: *BSD

At 10:06 AM 3/12/2004, you wrote:

>Couple of things.  If you look around long enough you'll find that Linux
>development started before all of the details of the BSD settlement(s)
>were made.  As such Linus is on record that he avoided the BSD's initially
>because of the uncertainty of the legality of the code.  That's a major
>portion of the reason why the BSD TCP/IP stack is/was not used in Linux.

Correct. The other issue is that Linus did not wish the BSD style of 
license, ..

>Also, what part of Windows is based on BSD?  The only thing I'm aware of
>in Windows that has a BSD base is the TCP/IP stack.  WinNT is largely
>thought to be a decendant of VMS, if not direct in design.

Affirmative. The TCP/IP stack originated from BSD code. Who is to say what 
still exists today, however.

>It's important to do your homework.  I just fail to see where thinking you 
>might get flamed is a

You missed the <g>! I didn't mean to imply it was a plus, however, .. just 
don't be dumb. Sort of like a forced education.

>This is where I find the BSD's especially the OpenBSD types most
>interesting.  I've seen plenty of flames about about RMS being the root of
>all evil and yet Theo is ok.  Nevermind what prompted the formation of

Isn't that apples and oranges? Theo's original split was personality-based 
(AIUTS), .. complaints about RMS aren't really related. Nobody that likes 
RMS would *dislike* Theo, unless they have personal issues or are that 
finiky about the differences in licensing.

>FreeBSD has MP support does it not?  Likewise, FreeBSD runs on the Alpha,
>it's 64bit is it not?

Don't know about FBSD & MP, .. alpha *has* been there in the trees for some 
time. I was referring to the latest Intel & AMD 64bit variants. It seems 
like most h/w vendors are more supportive of the Linux kernels than BSD.


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