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SP>  #!/bin/sh
SP>  set -e # Stop on errors.
SP>  set -C # noclobber
SP>  for file in *.TIF ; do
SP>     ps="`echo $file | sed 's/TIF$/ps/'`"
SP>     tiff2ps -a "$file" > "$ps"
SP>     ps2pdf "$ps"
SP>  done


581-MB of TIFF files were processed by my little 350-MHz machine in 
ten minutes.  96-MB of PDF files popped out the back end.  Space
consumed by PDFs is only 16.5% of the space consumed by the TIFFs. 

Regarding the script: I see "the big picture" but I'm not yet able to
appreciate the nuances.  I'll get there eventually. :-)

Jonathon>  As far as converting all the images, it may be easier to
Jonathon>  get the up to date MSDS'.

You're absolutely correct, and we're in the process of doing that. 
But it can't be done overnight, whereas Steve's script enables the
owner of the server literally to reclaim 5/6ths of the storage space
in a matter of hours.  

Incidently, I discovered last Friday that there are a couple of SGI
boxes running IRIX (sp?) in the Document Control Department.  I'm
hopeing (sp?) that someone in there can take Steve's script and run
with it.  Alas, we're a Windows shop.

CL>  "Learning Perl," Chapter 14, "Process Management," Page 192,
CL>  gives a good idea how to do this with the system function. 
CL>  Use it to call the one command, and then the other.

CL>  "Mastering Regular Expressions," is probably not the way to go
CL>  for this particular project.  Regular expressions have to do 
CL>  with searching.

Mike>  Ditto. It's also pretty difficult reading and more about what
Mike>  regex engines do and their syntax implementation than common
Mike>  uses for them.

Mike>  For that, I'd recommend the Perl Cookbook. It will tell you
Mike>  more about how to actually USE  perl in common situations than
Mike>  any other book on Perl. It is the definition of practial perl
Mike>  code.

I "discovered" Champaign yesterday.  I "discovered" Borders Book Store
in Champaign yesterday.  I found both "Learning Perl" and "Mastering
Regular Expressions" on the shelves and brought both home with me. 
You guys are correct; "Learning Perl" is by far the easier read.

But Steve's script wasn't a perl script, was it?  I thought that it
was just a straight shell script.  I'm not sure exactly what SED and
AWK do, and I'm not sure if the functionality of those two...
applications(?)... is or is not found in perl.  I'm still stumbling a
little bit through the world of unix.

- Harold
  <I THINK, THEREFORE I AM...i think>

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