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FVH Meeting: Embedded Linux?

  I'm not volunteering to make a presentation, as I couldn't present Linux to
get out of a wet paper sack, BUT - Since we (Yes it was more than just my rat
and I, thanks, Tighe) had mentioned embedded linux, I went and did some
Lookee wot I foun':


  That's an installable image for embedded linux, done as "thin client," with
browser, organizer, email and terminal client.  It does require a GX1
processor (which is x86 compatible, so it may run on other cpus...), but
guess who has one?  That's right, me.  I've got an older internet appliance
type system, with an embedded processor, a SODIMM and a DIMM, a DOC socket
(for which I have a choice of 8MB and 24MB chips), an IDE port, and USB,
along with built-in 10/100BT.  So, I'm gonna download it and give it a whirl.
 If it goes well, I'm gonna buy a TV-out card to see if it'll work that way.
 I'll let you all know...

  Now, what are we going to talk about Thursday evening?


William Underwood

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