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OT: Level 2 Helpdesk Position (Not a Linux Job!)

Hey all,
  We've got a position coming open where I work for a level two helpdesk
position.  This in not an entry level position, but would be great for
someone with the skills listed below to break into IT/IS.

Job description:
  Primary responsibilty:  Maintain data replication between remote sites to
their host servers.
  Ensure that remote sites (dial-up, WAN, LAN) maintain proper data
replication with centralized servers.  Remotely troubleshoot system and
communications errors.  Log trouble tickets with network or firewall shops
when needed.  Maintain logs of work performed for shift continuity.

Skills needed:
T-SQL (sybase) commands and syntax.
Windows command line and NT/2000 Resource kit utils.
Unix familiarity

  You'll need to know how to move around on Unix servers, but won't be
responsible for maintenance of them.  This is a fairly Windows-centric job,
but all Windows boxes are accessed remotely via SQL from a Unix shell.  

  Less, tail, head, more, grep, find, if, for, |, >, net, cat, type, cd, etc.
 Must know which command to use on which system in order to access log files,
config files, data files and directories.  All windows commands are
non-interactive, being performed via SQL command-shell interfaces.

  Extensive training and support are provided, but you really must already be
familiar and comfortable with the difference between the Unix shell and the
SQL interface.  You must also be able to understand the meaning of
non-interactive windows shell, cause you won't have access to any remote
windows boxes, not directly.

Rotating shift work (three month rotations)
Irregular schedule (but 40 hours every week)
Must be able to work holidays (All team members are required to work
holidays.  Normally there are two people per shift, but on holidays there is
only one.)

Very decent pay rate (depending on experience, of course)
Eight consecutive days off, once almost every month.
Work in O'Fallon IL, just east of I-64 on Hwy 50.

  Just so you know, this is the job for which I was hired.  I've been
promoted/moved to the local network shop, but I worked the above job for
almost three months.  The job is challenging, but not stressful, and is a
great opportunity for someone who is looking to break into IT, but is
interesting enough that an experienced person would enjoy it.  

  If you, or someone you know, is interested, please forward a resume to me.
 I'll get it it the hiring manager right away, and we'll see if we can set up
an interview for you.


William Underwood

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