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Re: traceroute problems

can you give us a cut and paste of what it looks like in linux.  also, 
what flags are you running with traceroute?


> About to pull what little hair I have left out trying to run tracerout
> in rh8.  When I run traceroute I get 1.*** 2.*** and so on.  I tried
> shutting down the firewall that does not help.  I did a iptables -L and
> there is a post that icmp port is unreachable.  Something is blocking
> it.  I am on cable with a router not sure if that has anything to do
> with it.  I dual boot windows and traceroute runs ok in windows so i
> don't think it is the router.
> Anyone know how I can solve this or where to look for information?
> Thanks

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