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Re: Perl - Fortune 500 quality?

On Sat, 21 Dec 2002 mike808@users.sourceforge.net wrote:

> >From http://www.activestate.com/Corporate/About_ActiveState/Fast_Facts.html
> > Customers:
> > Over two million users worldwide, including over 70% of the Fortune 500.
> I'd say that means over 70% of the Fortune500 use Perl. QED.

And they (being Activestate) get paid good money by M$.  

> Check out Damien Conway's Object Oriented Perl book for proof.

If you get a chance to see Randal Schwartz talk about OO in perl, by all 
means do.  IIRC, he'll have a part in the next revision of the OO Perl 

> Randal Schwartz  says:
> > For the most part, you'll code about 3 lines of Perl for every 10 lines of C, 
> > C++ or Java. And studies have shown that debugging and maintenance cost is 
> > proportional to lines of code.
> > 
> > The cost of programmers being what it is, Perl is cheaper to use overall. 

Which he also harps on in his OO Perl presentation.  

> FYI from the 4/15/02 Fortune 500:
> 1 Wal-Mart Stores
At one point all of the book sales for Wal-Mart were handled by a 
contractor that was hardcore perl.  I'm not sure that's still the case.

> 9 Intl. Business Machines

> 18 Home Depot
If they don't use perl they definately use opensource.  

> 25 State Farm Insurance
Steve's already said State Farm does, and I know someone that used to work 
for them doing much of the same.

> 28 Hewlett-Packard
Pretty sure they do it.  

> 46 Compaq Computer
They definately did.

> 50 J.C. Penney
Don't get me started on them.  

> 55 United Parcel Service
Pretty sure they do.  

> 68 Sprint
Their offices (which are now closing) in Nashville recruited for both Perl 
and Java.  

> 103 FedEx
If they're not they're moving to Open Source in a big way.  

> 112 Sun Microsystems
Hrm.  I wonder.

> 194 NWA
Wow.  I never knew Dre and Eazy-E were that big.  

> 229 SunTrust Banks
I hope my bank does.  

> 325 Apple Computer
They're supporting it (at least shipping it).

> 346 AutoZone
Possible.  I do know that they're supportive of OpenSource.

> 437 First American Corp.
Never bank with these bozos.

> 463 AmSouth Bancorp.
Stay far away from these bozos also.

This list was sad in terms of the companies on there... Enron, UAL, 
Halliburton, etc.  

I'd tell you to pull up Monster.com and search on Perl, but that might get 
you (William) into some trouble.  Frankly, it sounds like a PHB that knows 
enough to be dangerous (in this case, Java) but is fearful of anything 
else.  I'd take his statements to be of the uninformed type.  Just like no 
one's using Linux.


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	--Paul Simon
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