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Re: Perl - Fortune 500 quality?

>   So, my boss - my employment boss ( I have two, one from my employer, and
> one from my contract), who is a java programmer - tells me, "Hey, did you
> know that the company gives you $X for annual tuition, but you can spend it
> on books?"

Since he's your "employment boss", you should politely tell him that
you want to learn Perl, because your bill rate will be higher. All those
Java programmers that read a few books and became Java consultants are
driving down the bill rates for "real talent", such as yourself. :=)

Ask him how the bill rates for VB programmers have gone in the last five years.

Then ask him what makes him think Java will be any different.

Then ask him why you should invest your precious (off the clock, you might 
point out) learning time on a skill that is being flooded with an army of new, 
competing consultants with every passing day.

Then tell him that you're learning Perl for the long haul, and because
learning to program well in Perl will actually be useful when you find out
how hard it is to do the same things in other languages, like Java. But
at least you will have the ability to look upon your Perl expertise for
insight into solving the problem.

Because Perl makes hard problems trivial, and impossible problems easy.



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