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Re: OT: SANS 2002

> considering that i will be in town for "thirsty thursday" again and i 
> can't really remember what we did last time, this should be a hoot.  that 
> reminds me i need to email jay and remind him to give me a call when i get 
> there.  i tend to forget these things....

Uh, strangely enough, I will happen to be in loverly Mtn View tomorrow
through Sat. Unrelated training, however.

Too bad the week I'm in CA on the company dime is the wrong frickin' week.

And I'll be in New Orleans two weeks ahead of SANS there.

Fsck it. I'm tired of being the lead dog for you SANS weenies.
You guys are only sniffing around where I've already marked anyway.



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