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Re: OT: SANS 2002

> Business Applications, Senior Rec (sailing and canoeing in Lake 
> Mascoutah), band, and a few others that are escaping me right now.  I know 
> I had Algebra II in there.  Oh yeah, Advanced Communications.  We made a 
> video to Queen's Bicycle Race.  I broke down spring semester and decided 
> I did not want to take programming and thought it was about time I took a 
> Study Hall. 

speaking of breaking down, my senior year i watched one of my buddies go 
into a "sugar shock" because we were having a 
see-how-much-mt-dew-you-can-drink competition.  we decided that he won, 
even though _I_ drank 1 more cup than him.  freaking wussies....


Tighe Schlottog         workape         fiaid
"Nothing is too cruel if it is funny enough."

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