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Re: OT: SANS 2002

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002 fiaid@quasi-sane.com wrote:

> > Sophmore was a good year... at least for me.  Senioritis kicked in second 
> > week of my Junior year and those were 2 long years.  
> heh, i never got senioritis.  most likely because my senior year consisted 
> of the following classes.  Advanced Physics II, Calc, Drafting, and 3 hour 
> of gym.

Business Applications, Senior Rec (sailing and canoeing in Lake 
Mascoutah), band, and a few others that are escaping me right now.  I know 
I had Algebra II in there.  Oh yeah, Advanced Communications.  We made a 
video to Queen's Bicycle Race.  I broke down spring semester and decided 
I did not want to take programming and thought it was about time I took a 
Study Hall. 

>  w00t.  plus when you play varisty sport your gym time becomes 
> free hours to roam the school.  :D

I only wished.  I still have nightmares about SIUE's cross country course.  
And in HS you run the women's course.  


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	--Paul Simon
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