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Steve loses his brain. Film at 11.

So, what all did I forget tonight...  Let's see...

First of all, I forgot to mention to everyone who showed up that I had
left over free stuff from the Installfest.  If you didn't get in on it
at the end of the meeting, feel free to let me know, and we can try to
set some stuff aside or something.

I also forgot to mention that we're selling hard drives (cheap) to pay
for the new/spare SCSI cabinet...


Also, for those of you who were at the meeting who want to learn about
UML, you'll probably want to start here:


The first is the real home page for the project.  The second is more
of a news site dedicated to the software, but there are good links and
stuff there.

I have this suspicion that our problem getting UML to work at the
meeting tonight might have been because I forgot to install the dev
package.  (Maybe I didn't forget, but I can't remember anything
specifically requiring it.)

That's everything I can think of so far...

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