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Re: Video Question

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 09:59, Tim McDonough wrote:
> Recently there were a fair amount of postings about what's wrong with nVidia based graphics cards. My question is what is a good graphics card to buy that's well supported with open source drivers for Linux?

Personally, I would recommend ATI.  Matrox has also been fairly open
with driver information.  If you're looking at older cards, 3Dfx was
also pretty good.

I've complained about ATI All-In-Wonder cards before, but that has to do
with support for the video in/video out stuff, not the graphics
functions.  My All-In-Wonder has done an excellent job as a graphics
card, and I would recommend a (non-AIW) ATI graphics card to anyone.  (I
should also point out that the problems with AIW video are due to poor
drivers and not lack of cooperation from ATI.)

As with all hardware, check the hardware compatibility lists to make
sure that the drivers are there before buying.  Even with cooperative
vendors, there can be a lag between the release of a device and the
availability of a driver.

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