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Re: Video Question

On Monday 14 October 2002 09:59 am, you wrote:
> what is a good graphics card to buy that's well supported 
> with open source drivers for Linux?

It depends. If you want 3D rendering for games, the new ATIs are better than 
the Matrox.

But if you want TV capture, and dual head (with decent 3D), then the Matrox 
G400TV (Marvel G400) or the 450 speed models are well supported by XFree86, 
and the tuner and capture features are simple to get up and going.

The longest vidcap and TV support under Linux is from BrookTree chip-based 
cards (BT848). But those are pure video feature chips, as opposed to the 
how-many-polygons-can-you-render-and-bump-map type chips in the gaming cards.

I don't know how well the new Parhelion card fares, or if the ATI Radeon AIW 
cards have surpassed the Matroxen when dealing with DVI video over firewire.

We'll have to see. It's been over two years since Matrox came out with the 
Marvel G400 series.


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