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Email Server

Speaking of setting up a mailserver, can anyone point me to some online 
resource with easy to read/follow directions on how to setup an email 
server with Fedora Core 6, or other generic source install directions? I 
don't live in the St Louis area so I can't make it to that meeting.

I have a client that would like that setup sometime in the next few 
months.  It is a new email server from scratch, so I don't need to worry 
about migration from another server/domain, just new setup with new 
accounts.  I am hoping for some information too about setting up a good 
spam filter like spam assassin, and anything else that would be 
needed/recommended so users could then check their email using Mozilla 
Thunderbird within the office.

Is there a resource online that is easy to follow for this?

Thanks a lot SILUG!

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