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Re: Wednesday, 4/4/2007 Metro East meeting

So I certainly wouldn't want to stop anyone else in the group from
talking about anything, but I do have to point out that half my
problem is even knowing what people find interesting.  Your list helps
quite a bit.  :-)

On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 07:11:47PM -0500, Chuck King wrote:
> Off the top of my head, these things sound interesting:
> - Virtualization

That's something I can talk about any time.  I'm familiar with Xen,
qemu, User-Mode Linux, VMware, and random other things people probably
wouldn't care about.

> - OpenVPN

I maintain the Fedora OpenVPN package, so I know that well also...

> - OpenLDAP (account management)

I wouldn't call myself an LDAP expert by any means, but I have several
working OpenLDAP installations under my belt...

> - WINE

I've been playing around with WINE off and on for 12 years now...  :-)

> - SpamAssassin
> - ClamAV
> - How to set up Postfix/amavisd-new/SpamAssassin/ClamAV mail gateway

amavisd-new is another one of my packages.  :-)


So is sqlgrey.


I can never remember what we've talked about at the various LUG
meetings.  I thought we'd gone through the mail server stuff recently,
but I guess that was LUCI...

> - SSH (as in some of the cool options available)
> - Rsync (how to sync two locations against each other)

More stuff I could talk about any time...

> - Demo of small/cool tools (like ddrescue, etc.)

Have I mentioned that data recovery is a specialty of mine?  ;-)

> - Demo of how to set up CUPS/Samba for printing/file share

That one is so easy it almost isn't worth mentioning in a meeting.
Fire up cups, set up a printer, fire up samba with "printing = cups"
in smb.conf, and it all just works...

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