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Re: bashing

Casey Boone wrote:
>"tar czf /path/and/filename.tar victim files here" does compress the
>data with gzip, and you can name the file anything you want, so you
>could do "tar czf /path/and/filename.tar.gz victim files here" as well.
>i am not certain what you are wanting to know for the other part though,
>you will need to give me more of a scenerio of what you are trying to

okay, here's my file, i'm wanting to make several files (backup fc4.tar, 
binkley.tar, semo.tar) and then have gzip compress all those files 
individually with the correct names so they read: backup fc4.tar.gz, 
binkley.tar.gz, semo.tar.gz.  that way i don't have to type it in.  
heres my script, noting that i have to tell the program gzip to compress 
it after i tar it, before tarring another becuase i do not want three 
files in one big compressed file, i want each file compressed 
seperately.  also, i want gzip to compress it at -9, i do not know what 
tar -z compresses at.

###backup of system information
tar -cvpf /BloomCounty/BillTCat/`date +'%Y %m%d'`_fc4backup.tar 
--label="Fedora Core 4 Full Backup" --exclude=mnt --exclude=proc 
--exclude=var/spool/squid --exclude=BloomCounty --exclude=*.iso 
--exclude=*.rpm --exclude-caches --exclude=usr/local/games /
gzip -9 ~/BillTCat/*.tar
###backup of my personal files for college
tar -cvpf /BloomCounty/BillTCat/`date +'%Y_%m%d'`_SEMo_U.tar 
--exclude-caches --label="SEMo_U Full Backup" /BloomCounty/Binkley/
gzip -9 ~/BillTCat/*.tar
###backup of RPM's from yum
tar -cvpf /BloomCounty/BillTCat/`date +'%Y_%m%d'`_SEMo_U.tar 
--exclude-caches /var/cache/yum/
gzip -9 ~/BillTCat/*.tar

bentley rhodes		| Southeast Missouri University
hbrhodes1s@semo.edu	| College of Nursing, Spring 2008.
			| http://www2.semo.edu/nursing/

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