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Re: bashing

If you want the date in a nice long format you might try this...

tar -cvjpf $(date "+%m%d%y %H%M%S").tar.bz2 stuff to compress
           ^ for tar.bz2
That will vomit out monthdayyearhoursminutesseconds in an ugly format  
like this...

You can begin to format it like this: $(date "+%m\\%d\\%y%H%M%S")
which will give you 02/26/0611570...

It's not a big problem, until you do time, because american time is  
usually displayed with colons. The problem with that is, unix gets  
really freaked out if you try to use a colon in a filename. So, it's  
pretty much a matter of finding something else.
Periods for example...
$(date "+%m\\%d\\%y_%H.%M.%S") spits out 02/26/06_12.00.22
And that doesn't confuse the computer like 02/26/06_12:00:22 would.

I'm not sure you to make a space... but I'm sure someone else can  
help with that.
I'm sure there's a way to display long [ written out ] dates too...  
but again, I have no idea.

If I were you, I'd read the date man page.
$ man date

On Mac OS it doesn't have much about formatting, but on your Linux  
distro it might.
[ hmm.. $ man woman if only... ]

Hope this helps. Have fun.

-- kyle

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