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Re: DNS Question

On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 20:31 -0600, Brandon wrote:
> This is probably a very simple one, but Im simply not finding the
> answers required.  This is more of a Network question than a Linux
> question but I figured I would ask the pros.  My desire is to have
> internal name resolution for internal hosts ie. A router which has an
> ip address of, also has a web interface.  This router could
> be accessed just by typing the word router and DNS would tell the
> browser the correct ip address.  I know its possible, I just dont
> know how to implement it or where to add the information.  I would
> prefer doing it at the DNS server end instead of multiple hosts files.
> Any help will do, even a link to a how-to.

It is _always_ recommended that you have an internal DNS, so you're
definitely thinking in the right direction.

Typically you want an internal DNS server to:  
- Provide the forward zone (e.g., location.domain.com.)
- Provide the reverse zone (e.g., C.B.A.in-addr.arpa. for IPs A.B.C.x)
- Provide forwarders to Internet servers

This is for security as much as other, internal benefits.

The DNS HOWTO is a bit dated and covers BIND v8, whereas most distros
come with BIND v9.  But it's still got a number of good 

You might want to consider an alternative DNS server than BIND, it's up
to you.

BTW, a few distros include a BIND configuration package that is for a
"caching only" server.  You will want to _remove_ that package on your
internal DNS server.  Otherwise anytime you upgrade your BIND version,
the caching-only configuration will replace your internal DNS
configuration (although it will be renamed ".rpmsave" on RPM distros).

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