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Re: cgi-bin

HC>> Where on systems that store multiple users' web pages do sysops
HC>> normally store cgi scripts? In fact, where do the sysops store
HC>> the web pages?

SP> That's entirely up to user preference and what access method you
SP> make available to your customers.

Sigh...  This is going to be one of those nights...   ;-)

Ok, guys, this is my first struggle with Apache.  I found the
following in the Apache documentation.  
How do I allow each of my user directories to have a cgi-bin

Remember that CGI execution does not need to be restricted only to
cgi-bin directories. You can allow CGI script execution in arbitrary
parts of your filesystem. There are many ways to give each user
directory a cgi-bin directory such that anything requested as
http://example.com/~user/cgi-bin/program will be executed as a CGI
script. Two alternatives are:

1. Place the cgi-bin directory next to the public_html directory:
	ScriptAliasMatch ^/~([^/]*)/cgi-bin/(.*) /home/$1/cgi-bin/$2

2. Place the cgi-bin directory underneath the public_html directory:
	<Directory /home/*/public_html/cgi-bin>
	Options ExecCGI
	SetHandler cgi-script

If you are using suexec, the first technique will not work because CGI
scripts must be stored under the public_html directory.

I grok the question and the first paragraph of the answer.  The two
alternatives and the comment about suexec go WAY over my head.  And
there are no directories on my computer named "public_html.  Can some
one please translate into english?

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