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Re: Unspecified

> If there are any true obsessive-compulsives out there who like real
> challenges, I'm attaching a test file that contains the hex characters
> 0x92, 0x93, and 0x94 in place of the apostrophe (') and opening & closing
> double quotes.

Since these are obviously MS-Word introduced "smart quotes" and the like,
have you tried running these files through the "Demoronizer"?


As for vim, I've always used the 'Ctrl-V,<use ALT+code>' sequence for the codes
above 001-026 (^A-^Z). Unfortunately, you'll have to do the hex-to-decimal
conversion in your head.

Does that help?

Another alternative is to run the file through 'cat -v', which converts the
non-printable characters to some carat-prefixed sequence, which you can then
search and replace as normal character sequences, i.e. '^'+'M' (2 characters) is
what Ctrl-M gets converted to by the 'cat -v'.



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