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Re: Firewalling High Speed Interfaces (ATM -> GigE)

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Mark Bishop wrote:
> Have you even considered using something other then Linux?  If I had to 
> firewall something at that speed I'd used something from Cisco.  Their 
> processors are designed to do stuff like this and can do it much faster 
> then x86.  You would also get a lot more features using their OS then you 
> would using a Linux kernel.

I'm not convinced this is true. When I was dealing heavily in Cisco stuff, 
granted it's been a couple years now, but they were actually experimenting 
with replacing IOS with a Linux product. I'm also not sure they aren't 
using an x86 processor in many of their products. In any case, I wouldn't 
be so quick to judge.

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